Explosive Growth, large cost savings and effective risk management using Geobotanics.

Geobotanics has been fine tuned to different industries, making
it ready to use for strategic and tactical decision making.


Industry solutions

Ready for your industry. No configuration needed.

Crop Protection

Near real time strategic and tactical platform for marketing optimization, sales targeting and much more.

Geobotanics for crop protection companies is a ready to use crop monitoring platform with built in indicators of season progress, crop maps, crop stress warnings and production risk analysis. It provides end to end decision support from sowing to harvest. The crop protection package includes -

  • Pre-season product placement and baseline sales risk/estimates.
  • Season progress at country, county, district, village and field level.
  • Stress warnings and sales impact.
  • Crop Maps and deforestation.
  • In season tactical campaign triggers using pest and disease forecasts.
  • Field performance rank for sales targeting.
  • Automated route planning for sales staff.
  • Field level recommendations for nutrients, irrigation, crop protection, seed rates


An origination credit risk scoring and near real time seasonal credit limit management system.

Geobotanics for banking is a ready to use risk assessment and credit limit management platform. It offers a complete risk management module for agriculture related lending from crop loans to equipment finance which enables the bank to assess credit risk at origination, in season collection warnings and overall portfolio management. The banking package includes -

  • Automated product risk assessment at county, district, village and field level.
  • Pre-defined credit risk score at individual field level.
  • Portfolio creation system and region targeting based on risk appetite definition.
  • Portfolio and sales maps to achieve portfolio ramp up and still keeping risk in control.
  • Credit limit management and collection scoring.
  • Historical field level performance verification.


A crop insurance underwriting and index based claims processing engine.

Geobotanics for insurance is a ready to use risk assessment and claims processing engine. If offers a complete risk management module from area risk assessment, underwriting and pricing, portfolio creation and risk diversification, claims fraud management and processing. The insurance package includes -

  • Index based and claim based automated engines.
  • Area claims risk assessment at state, district, county, village and field level.
  • Underwriting and Pricing engine
  • Automated portfolio creation with risk definition/selection options
  • Crop identification
  • Fraud analysis, Loss estimation, Claims forecast
  • Fully automated claims processing

Commodity and Food Companies

Large area and field analysis from production risk to forecasted portfolio performance.

Geobotanics for commodity companies is a ready to use crop monitoring platform which offers a complete view of crops around the world with near real time production estimation. For commodity procurement it includes commodity price forecasts, production and supply chain analysis. The package for commodities and food companies includes -

  • Country to field level agriculture monitoring.
  • Price Band forecast.
  • Data integration with data steams from global markets/indices.
  • Global and Regional Production Estimate.
  • Global and regional crop hectares.
  • Crop mix hectares per country per region.
  • Crop failure warnings.
  • Processing units global mapping.
  • Nearest ports mapping.
  • Local market pricing (based on availability).
  • Deforestation by field and regions.

A scan for the earth every day.
Cloud-free earth intelligence.


We process billions of pixels of imagery from multiple satellites every day to create a data cube of the earth. We create stories around crop health, forest changes, climate impact and human activities on the earth. Our proprietary petabyte scale deep learning engine is able to provide high resolution analysis for any point on the earth. No impact of clouds. Ready to use. Daily.

Customer Stories

Geobotanics is used for critical business decisions.

cost reduction by reduced product returns
reduction in fraud claims