Mantle Labs is a leading remote sensing company providing digital agriculture solutions related to crop monitoring.

We have created the world’s first agri-fintech platform called ‘Geobotanics’ which provides a complete risk assessment solution to banks and insurance companies for managing their agriculture portfolios. Geobotanics is also used by crop protection and agri commodity companies across the globe to plan and execute their business efficiently and reduce risk. Farmers access the Geobotanics platform via the mobile app ‘Simba’ to monitor their fields and prevent losses.

From global scale crop monitoring, drought impact analysis to field level profitability analysis, Geobotanics provides for the first time ever ‘World View’ of global agriculture.

Geobotanics is a breakthrough in satellite data processing using a state of the art virtual constellation which consists of multiple satellites both optical and radar. This data from multiple satellites is then passed through our proprietary AI engine called 'Helios' to create a synthetic gap fill dataset which is a daily, cloud free dataset that drives the analytics in Geobotanics making it the only crop monitoring platform from space which is able to provide a daily update with zero interference from clouds.

As we say in Mantle Labs, ‘Helios’ has enabled global scale agriculture coverage, analysis and risk management unlike anything the agriculture industry has ever seen. None of this would be possible without the Mantle Labs team, an amazing mix of the best talent in remote sensing, artificial intelligence, and large scale data processing.

A great team

Globally recognized team with 20+ years experience in remote sensing, petabyte scale AI and streaming data analytics

Respected advisory team

World renowned advisory board with background in technology, business and strategy.

Presence across the world

Office in UK, Austria and India with operational access to Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas.