Mantle Labs is a fintech start-up that unites earth observation and AI to revolutionise the lives of the world’s 600m farmers.
A great team:

Globally recognized team with 50+ years experience in remote sensing, petabyte scale AI and streaming data analytics.

Respected advisory team:

World renowned advisory board with background in technology, business and strategy.

Presence across the world:

Office in UK, Austria and India with operational access to Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas.

Our Team

Swapnil Baokar
Rishikesh Sapre
Dr Clement Atzberger
Jon Pierre
Andrew Blake
Chief Scientific Advisor
Dolly Mishra
Vice President-Fintech
Ankita Jain
Project Manager
Pranav Puranik
Product Owner
Dr Josue Lopez
Data Scientist
Michael Wess
Data Scientist
Dr Ellen Brock
Data Scientist
Takahisa A
Data Scientist
Rohan Gupta
Data Scientist
Sharan Pai
Data Scientist
Vighneshwar Mishra
Data Scientist
Sherilyn Lasardo
Data Scientist
Aakash Bhat
Data Scientist
Yogesh Agarwal
Software Developer
Sachinam Rasganiya
Software Developer
Prachi Dhargawe
Software Developer
Pedro de Carvalho
Farm Sales - Lead
Dr Nikhil Narkar
Ashay Joshi
Ramchandra Phadke
Senior Manager - Farm Sales
Yogesh Bhawar
Crop Advisor
Vidya Mulik